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Working because you want to, not because you have to, is Financial Freedom

– Tony robbins

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Our goal is to have your money working harder than you do

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It’s possible to retire sooner than you think. We can teach you how.

Income Planning

You can feel financially safe and protected while getting paid fairly for what you do.

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Leave your family with no financial burdens as we set you up for the best life coverage.

let’s have some

We have a problem. Doctors are dropping out of their practices like flies. You give your heart, education, knowledge, healing energy to each and every patient, only to be reimbursed at a minuscule rate.

If you are like Dr. Dan, he’s worried that if he missed a diagnosis or finding, that he might be sued and would potentially lose everything…

Or Dr. Karen, who loves treating patients so much that she didn’t follow up on collecting payments. Her CPA told her to put a sign on the door “Free Clinic” because she didn’t have the foundational financial education of running a business…

And then there’s Dr. Sue, who is business savvy but because she is running a PI practice- she struggles with consistent cash flow. She receives a settlement check on a case and it is gone before it hits her bank account because she has been floating for the last three months treating patients with no income. She takes care of her outstanding debt and prays for the next big settlement check…

Sound familiar?

What if I told you that you can live your passion without the financial worry?

That you can follow your calling while your bank accounts grow…

That you can focusing on giving your gifts to the world, living life to the fullest with NO financial stress…

It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you are in your practice, you can start now. 

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my story

Hello, glad to meet you! I’m Dr. Michelle Keller

After 2 decades of searching for a financial solution, I finally came across the strategies I needed to take my business from payout to profit. If I had implemented this one strategy when I first started my practice I would have been a multi-millionaire years ago! I would not have lost any sleep over crappy insurance reimbursements or agreed to massive settlement reductions for the sake of quick cash flow. Life would have been very different.

I love being a Chiropractor, but more than that I love helping my peers and fellow doctors achieve the same financial freedom that I have. That is why I started Financial Freedom Firm. My hearts desire is to share these life changing strategies with you so that you can make your money work for you!

Just imagine working part time, taking that well deserved vacation with your loved ones, having your kids go to the best college in the nation, and retire when you want because you made wise financial decisions today.

We are in the business of prevention, longevity and incredible health, why not infuse these same values into your financial future?

Let me pay it forward by teaching you the same strategies I have learned so then you can also pay it forward and share with others!

To your success and the life you love,

Enjoy your Passions & your Profits

Let’s build the solid foundation so your money works for you and not against you.